The National Museum in Leskovac is a non-profit institution in the service of the society, which collects, preserves, documents, studies and presents historical and artistic works collected in the territory it covers. Museum items are placed by affiliation to its collection. Permanent exhibits, or the ones displayed in occasional museum exhibitions, spread awareness of the historical contexts of their creation, use and artistic value.

As a guardian, protector and interpreter of cultural heritage, it is an indispensable actor of contemporary social movements in the south of Serbia, which cares for the advancement of museum activity, as well as for the spread of general cultural values and the fulfillment of educational tasks.

It was founded on 2 May 1948 by the City of Leskovac, and in accordance with legal regulations, performs its activities directly and through its museum departments and objects in the territory of the surrounding municipalities – Bojnik, Lebane and Medveđa.

Until 10 May 1974, was located in the reconstructed house of Bora Dimitrijevic Piksla, when it was moved into a new purpose-built building, where a new permanent exhibition was opened. The National Museum in Leskovac is a kind of complex type museums, whose department of basic activity consists of the following sections: archeology, ethnology, history, art history and fine arts, as well as sections of conservation and restoration works, documentation, professional work with the audience and professional library.


Within the museum building, in addition to the permanent exhibition space, there are two art galleries, a conference room and a library.

As part of its publishing activities, the museum publishes the annual journal “Leskovački zbornik” and has got a library of special editions that print works important for the preservation of, both material and intangible, cultural and historical heritage of the Leskovac region.

The museum occasionally organizes professional and scientific meetings, various lectures and tribunes and workshops. Since 1988, the biennial continuum has hosted the scientific gathering “Cultural and Historical Heritage of South Serbia”.

The National Museum in Leskovac takes care of the cultural and historical heritage of southern Serbia, studies, documents, protects and preserves collections of archeological, ethnological, historical and artistic character: investigates and interprets historical processes in the area which it covers, striving to reach the highest standards in museological practice. It affirms the cultural treasure of the Leskovac region and, by popularizing it, contributes to the overall development of the area.

The National Museum in Leskovac is a regional museum heritage institution with a vision to