The Library

The library of the National Museum in Leskovac is one of the special libraries where visitors can find additional information about the history and cultural and historical heritage of southern Serbia and beyond. It was started in 1950, when the publishing activity came to life in this institution. She filled her fund with gifts, but also with the purchase of books important for the cultural history of the city, as well as for the development of museum activities. It has about 15,000 titles and is open to scientific researchers and all interested visitors. Many people from Leskovac donated their books to the museum, and some even read libraries.

From the gifts and bequests to the museum, in 2017, the Collection of Literary Legacy was formed, which has about 6,500 books from donors. The collection of literary heritage of the National Museum in Leskovac includes books from the libraries of Leskovac authors that they or their descendants donated to the museum. Some of them also contain unpublished works and non-book material, such as letters, newspaper clippings, concepts of their works, poetry, prose, plays and dramatizations. The legacies also include three-dimensional objects that were used when working on the manuscripts.

The formation of this collection created a rich resource for the study of literary creation and cultural history of Leskovac, as well as a database on the work of scientific researchers who studied the cultural heritage of Leskovac and its surroundings.