Inclusive workshops

The realization of inclusive workshops achieved the promotion of the social and educational role of the museum with an innovative approach to children with disabilities, as well as changing the attitude and awareness of other children about equal treatment, regardless of differences, and creating a museum space without obstacles. By actively involving the child in the educational process, the opportunity opens up to learn with understanding and through play. Therefore, educational workshops are tailored to the specific needs of target groups and the educational level of participants.

The National Museum in Leskovac realized about 30 workshops, which included about 950 children. Different didactic material was used, with the help of which the children were introduced to important cultural assets of the Leskovac area through play.

Inclusive workshops workshops realized by the museum: Book with stickers; Jigsaw puzzle; Memory game; Make a souvenir; Games of our grandparents; Mom, Dad, I’m taking you to the museum; Workshop for children, grandparents – We are making an exhibition in the museum; Touch the past.