Multimedia guide

The National Museum in Leskovac has become part of the mobile application “Cultural Places” which allows visitors to independently visit all the facilities of the Museum without the presence of a guide..

Visitors can download the mobile application for free in the Google play store or by scanning QR codes located at the facilities of the National Museum Leskovac. The application is adapted to all ages, and it is possible for an offline use, i.e. without the presence of the internet.  In addition to texts and photos about the exhibition, the application also offers an audio guide so that the visitor will be able to enjoy the visit without interruption. All content is available in Serbian and English and is adapted to the IOS operating system.

Objects offered within the application are the Justiniana Prima Archeological Site, the Textile Museum in Strojkovce, the House of Bora Dimitrijević – Piksla (City Hall) and the Permanent Exhibition of the National Museum in Leskovac “Timeline of Leskovac Area”

The multimedia guide is the result of the project “Multimedia guide oto the Justiniana Prima” funded by the Ministry of Culture and Information, which was implemented by the National Museum with the help of the Oroundo Mobile platform for culture and tourism..

You can download the application by scanning the QR code or by clicking on the link.

Furthermore, by scanning the QR codes located in the Museum’s facilities, the application will open the page of the guide that will tell you about the place where you are.