Interesting facts

Coat mintan


Serbian civil costume during the XIX century developed as a symbol of freedom and national awareness, but most of the garments of oriental origin retain and maintain their terminology, as is the case with a piece of clothing that many of us, unaware of its name, wish to have.

A coat “mintan” – warm men’s outerwear made of “čoja”. It has go long sleeves. It opens and folds on the front. The front parts of the mintan are called “lids”, and on the bottom, as well as on the bottom of the sleeves, there are small slots that are fastened with buttons. Mintan is richly decorated with black braid, “burma” and “bućka”. The ornaments are spiral and leaf shaped. There is an edged and decorated pocket on the left. Mintan is set up with black satin. It was made by masters of terzija’s craft.