Town Hall

Ethno House

It is one of the most beautiful old houses in Leskovac. It is more than one hundred and fifty years old and is a striking example of a Balkan style house. It was built in the second half of the 19th century and belonged to the prominent family Dimitrijević. It consists of the ground floor and the first floor. The house is entered from a spacious yard on the south side, according to which the appearance of the building is richer and more colorful. There are two rooms inside, right of the lobby – one is dedicated to a writer from Leskovac Žak Konfino, while the other features a 19th-century kitchen layout. A storeroom where educational workshops for children are now held is on the left. Wooden stairs lead upstairs. You can get, from the spacious vestibule, into four rooms (two at the bay windows): a candlelit room, a lounge, a study room, and a girls’ room. As part of the vestibule, the “divanhana” is equipped with “minderluci” and pillows. The rooms were heated from “saračane” – small rooms located between the two rooms. Ceilings and arches throughout the rooms were decorated with wooden carvings. The house has a permanent ethnological exhibition that represents the reconstruction of the interior of houses from the late XIX and early XX century in Leskovac.

In 1948 the Ethno House was placed under the state protection by Resolution of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.