Antique collection


Antique collection

Antique collection of the National Museum in Leskovac contains archaeological material that was discovered in the Leskovac basin by archaeological research, gifts and redemption. Most of the objects come from archaeological excavations at sites in the village of Mala Kopašnica. Excavations in the period between 1960 and 1964; 2003; 2012–2016 were carried out on the E75 motorway route and preceded construction work. At several locations of Mala Kopašnica, a large part of the necropolis with 663 graves with cremation and 67 graves with inhumation was explored, as well as the parts of a Roman settlement, a Roman road and a craft center with pottery kilns. The settlement with the necropolis dates from the II to IV centuries. During the excavation, a large number of archeological artifacts of gold, silver, bronze, iron, ceramics, stone and bone were discovered, which were laid in the grave as annexes. In the settlement, a large number of objects that were used in everyday life were discovered in the buildings, and kilns with a huge amount of pottery fragments and even entire vessels were found in the area of the craft center.

The Museum’s Permanent Exhibition features items discovered during the 60’s exploration and several interesting items from the new excavations.

A large number of newly discovered objects will be museologically processed and presented after the conservation.