Collection of spiritual culture


Collection of spiritual culture

This collection goes with collections of customs and religions (annual customs, customs and life cycle, cults and magic, customary law)

The folklore sub-collection includes folk art and creativity, folk literature, as well as new forms of folklore communication (jokes, texts of scrapbooks and lexicons, graffiti, schematic emails and text messages). There is also a collection of knowledge and skills (musical instruments and games, children’s toys and games, measures and measuring instruments, weapons, ethno-medicine).

This part of Serbia in the anthropological and ethnological sense is the most important area for research. A mixture of Serbian, Roma and a part of Shqiptar population resided here, whose roots are often found in pre-Christian times, with many customs preserved, is a very interesting in this area. Some of the customs can still be recognized today, although in changed everyday life forms, but their function is the same. That is why Leskovac and the area around it represent an exceptional region for ethnological research in the field of spiritual culture, i.e. intangible cultural heritage of southern Serbia.

Objects and customs (cult objects) which stand out are: calendar masks, cressets, ritual bread. The collection includes 118 items.