Ethical principles


The editor-in-chief of the magazine Leskovački zbornik makes the final decision on which manuscripts will be published, in consultation with the editorial board. When making the decision, the editor-in-chief is guided by the opinion of the reviewers, the views of the members of the editorial board and the editorial policy of the journal, taking into account legal regulations related to defamation, copyright infringement and plagiarism. The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board are obliged to present any observed violation of the set ethical standards.

The editor-in-chief reserves the discretion to evaluate the received manuscripts and not to publish them, if he finds that they do not meet the prescribed content and formal criteria.

In regular circumstances, the editor and the editorial board inform the author whether his text has been accepted, as soon as possible from the date of receipt of the manuscript.

The Editor-in-Chief must not have any conflict of interest regarding the manuscripts under consideration. If such a conflict of interest exists, the editorial board decides on the choice of reviewers and the fate of the manuscript. If there is a conflict of interest with one or more members of the editorial board, those members are excluded from the process of selecting reviewers and deciding on the manuscript. The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board are obliged to report the existence of a conflict of interest in a timely manner.

The editor-in-chief and the editorial board are obliged to make a judgment about the manuscript on the basis of its content, without racial, gender, religious, ethnic or political prejudices.

The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board may not use unpublished material from the submitted manuscripts for their research without the express written permission of the author, and the information and ideas presented in the submitted manuscripts must be kept confidential and not used for personal gain.

The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board are obliged to take all reasonable measures so that the identity of the reviewer remains unknown to the authors before, during and after the review process and so that the identity of the author remains unknown to reviewers until the review process.


The authors guarantee that the manuscript represents their original contribution, that it has not been published before and that it is not considered for publication elsewhere. Simultaneous submission of the same manuscript in several journals is a violation of ethical standards. Such a manuscript is currently excluded from further consideration.

The authors also guarantee that after publication in the Leskovac anthology, the manuscript will not be published in another publication in any language without the consent of the editor-in-chief, editorial board or publisher.

In case the submitted manuscript is the result of a scientific research project or, in the previous version, it was presented at the meeting in the form of an oral presentation (under the same or similar title), more detailed information about the project, conference, etc. is given in the footnote. at the beginning of the text. A paper that has already been published in a journal cannot be reprinted in the Leskovac anthology, unless it is a matter of translation, adaptation and modification of conducted research, etc., which must be clearly indicated.

Authors are required to adhere to ethical standards relating to scientific research. The authors also guarantee that the manuscript does not contain unfounded or illegal claims and does not violate the rights of others. The publisher, editorial board and editor-in-chief will not bear any responsibility in the event of any claims for damages.

Authors of peer-reviewed papers must respond to any request from the editors of the journal.

Content of the paper

The paper should contain sufficient details and references to enable reviewers and then readers to verify the statements made in it. Deliberately making incorrect claims is a violation of ethical standards.

The authors bear all responsibility for the content of the submitted manuscripts and are obliged, if necessary, to obtain the consent of all persons or institutions that directly participated in the research presented in the manuscript before their publication. The authors are required to state who funded their research, if any.

Authors who wish to include illustrations, tables or other materials that have already been published somewhere are obliged to obtain the consent of the copyright holders. Material for which such evidence has not been submitted will be considered the original work of the author. If after the publication of the paper there is any objection of the copyright holders that some material was published without their consent, Leskovački zbornik will publish a correction or withdraw the paper and clearly state that the error was the fault of the author.


Authors are obliged to list as authors only those persons who have significantly contributed to the content of the manuscript, ie they are obliged to list all persons who have significantly contributed to the content of the manuscript as authors. If other non-authors have participated in important aspects of the research project and the preparation of the manuscript, their contribution should be mentioned in a note or acknowledgment.

Citing sources

Authors are required to correctly cite sources that have significantly influenced the content of research and manuscripts. Authors should not